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The rapid development of IT technology over the last decade has created a need for more and more competent staff. We at Daniel Standard work with our colleagues to offer opportunities and experience for professional development. We focus mainly on human development. Our goal is to create both training traditions and trained staff who have the necessary skills and are competitive in the IT market.

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Team environment

The success of our company is based on effective teamwork and collaboration between all colleagues. With us you will find a productive team spirit and friendly atmosphere, which inevitably contributes to the successful completion of company projects. All team members bring their own experience and expertise and help to achieve an excellent end product and extremely satisfied clients.


We are a team that develops both the products and services of our clients and partners and their company. The professionals who work at Daniel Standard are the people who set the standard in IT solutions. We offer our clients some of the most innovative, modern and flexible solutions on the market. Excellent results, confidence and correctness are our guiding principles.



One of our main goals is to support the development of IT professionals in Bulgaria by expanding their horizons with various programs and internships. At Daniel Standard, we recruit, develop and engage future professionals by promoting their professional representation across the IT sector.