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Inspire your customers

Upgrading is the most profitable business model for a successful company.

Identity and beautiful design

Beautiful web design combines a design according to your corporate identity and an excellent presentation of the web site information. Our team has professionals who create a logo, a unique design and a look that matches the colors and style of your company.

Developing a user-friendly interface

The visual hierarchy creates an order in which web pages are designed so they make sense to users and they use them actively. In order to achieve greater success, together we determine the order and position of the elements in the web pages to match the image of your business.

Consumer oriented

It is important that the website is tailored to your business scope and is as responsive to customer demand as possible. The websites we create are fully consumer oriented, getting to know the nature of your company and the needs of your customers in advance.

Effective structure

The website architecture is the key to the success of your business. In the websites we develop, we build the most appropriate and maximally effective structure, tailored to the specifics of your business. Your customers are pleased because they navigate quickly and easily between the pages of your website.

Availability from different devices

To make your brand as accessible and responsive as possible, your website has to be accessible on different mobile devices. Our team develops a mobile version for all our clients who want to be as close as possible to their users.

Search engine optimization

SEO optimization means your site to ascend to higher positions in the search engine and to be found quickly and easily by applying different techniques. Our specialists apply all the optimization techniques since the launch of your web site design.

Development works

We create quality, intuitive and effective software and web products that work entirely for the success of your business.

Developing a successful software or web product combines good strategy, detailed research, beautiful design, keeping to the latest standards of work and, most importantly, proper management and marketing. Only in this way can an online product become successful and work efficiently and completely for the benefit of the business. With clear goals, good communication and a keen eye for detail, we provide you with stability, confidence and security. Thus, we guarantee the development of a useful software or web product that will fascinate not only you but also your customers.


Strategy and consultation

Right strategy is the most important step in realizing an excellent software or web product that has all the qualities to grow your company. Getting acquainted with the company's activities, consumer research, exploring the market and building a structure are all part of the strategy that we at Daniel Standard implement to satisfy your customers to the best of our ability.

Building an interface

Prototype is the main visual tool and that helps all the team to coordinate and organize, thanks to which the developers have a clear idea of ​​the elements they produce. The prototype main goal is to show the client how the website will be structured before developers get started. Our team prototypes each page of the website to be developed. Once approved by the owner, our developers begin working on it.

Creating an authentic design

The Daniel Standard designers approach each client individually, creating a design which embody the essence and character of your brand, whether you are selling a product or offering a service. The unique design not only makes you different from the mass, but also helps you rank your website higher in the search engines. Authentic design is always up-to-date and adaptable because it does not use patterns - every detail is made by the designer.

Project development

Before we begin the actual development, our team together with the client specify both the overall concept and structure of all functionalities and the distribution of development over time. After each stage is completed, we consult your opinion, thus eliminating mistakes, omissions and delays as we go along. We at Daniel Standard explain in detail every step we take to keep the customer calm and sure of the result they will receive.

Quality check and approval

The stage in which all the details are finalized and the functionality of the service is tested is called testing. Here all the links are tested, browsing through different browsers, testing the administrative panel, user registration and passwords. At Daniel Standard, we have professional testers who check every detail of the web product we create and give their approval for its final release on the web.

Maintenance and development

Technical support is an important factor for any company structure as it aims to ensure a continuous workflow. We at Daniel Standard offer comprehensive technical support, effective control and monitoring of the software product. Our experts are certified professionals who strive to quickly identify and resolve any technical problem within the shortest possible time. Proper support is the key to developing a successful and visited website.


SEO optimization of a website means to find a given website easier and to bring it to higher positions in the search engines by application of different techniques. We work with the client to select the right keywords, descriptions, and titles specific to your business. SEO optimization has proven to be a powerful tool for achieving high results that lead to both increased traffic to the website and successful sales through it.

Let's make your website better

Give your website everything it needs and it will pay off with satisfied customers!

Marketing and business highlights

Marketing is a dynamic science as the consumer needs and wants are changing globally and very rapidly. Therefore, the most important step in marketing is planning. We at Daniel Standard focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the market and help you develop a successful and long-term marketing plan. A well thought out strategy and well-defined marketing goals are at the heart of advertising, which leads to more customers and users.

Innovation and improvement

No matter how good web product you have, there is always a time when you have to innovate and improve it. This is required not only by the dynamic online environment but also by the changing tastes of the users themselves. Introducing new features and improving the website's operation makes it easier for all users. Our specialists are constantly acquainted with the technology innovations so we upgrade not only ourselves, but also our clients' web services.

360-degree business object capture

By capturing high-quality panoramic images, customers gain a complete understanding of the overall look of your property while also being able to virtually stroll around. At Daniel Standard, we have a trusted and certified Google Business View photographer who will professionally shoot your hotel, restaurant, office, shop, gym or other business object. By adding a virtual walk, your website becomes unique and attractive, while at the same time gaining an advantage over the rest in the search engine.

Make an update

Allow your business to grow.

For our customers who have specific requirements for specific functionalities, we develop individual software products. We cover your company needs by getting only the features you really need. In this way, you optimize the costs and all daily activities of employees. Our team implements various modules to support your business while facilitating customer service. Customized software solutions are for everyone who wants to increase the company efficiency and satisfy the customers. More...

Convenient content management

Daniel Standard has its own CMS system designed specifically for our customers and partners.

A content management system is a type of application software that allows the owner to publish and edit the content on their own website. Daniel Standard has developed their own and innovative Content Management System that is as simple as possible, fast and easy to use by our customers and partners. It is developed to offer maximum security for the website data. You can update your site information yourself, publish new features, photos, languages ​​and generally anything you want to change in appearance and content without worrying that something goes wrong.