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The successful mobile application

Daniel Standard helps you enhance your digital presence.

Today, everyone owns at least one smart device and spends most of their time staring at its screen. Phones and tablets are not just technological toys, but a means by which more and more people are searching for all kinds of goods and services. Most often business applications, entertainment applications and applications as an additional instrument to an existing brand are created. Mobile applications are suitable for any type of business, that's why today are among the most preferred investments that will bring your company directly in front of the buyer. By creating a mobile application, you and your business exist virtually anywhere, anytime - the scale is unlimited.


Implement your mobile app idea with Daniel Standard.

The Daniel Standard team transforms your idea into a mobile application. We develop and refine the idea you have to develop the application your customers need. Every aspect of the application is carefully considered in order to achieve the expected result.

Business applications

Business owners are facilitating their work through mobile applications in order to meet the growing consumer demands. The mobile application developed by Daniel Standard offers a complete solution and overview at the business processes. You can easily manage employees’ access, schedule tasks, analyze and track different processes directly from your smartphone.

Entertainment applications

Today everyone owns at least one smart device and spends much of their time in front of their screen. Entertainment mobile applications have taken up a large part of the mobile app marketplace, with the advantage that they appeal to different age users. We at Daniel Standard are at your disposal to come up with any idea for ​​a mobile game or other entertainment platform that you want to develop.

Applications as an additional tool

At Daniel Standard, we develop applications as an additional tool for an existing brand. When you have developed your business but want to increase the number of your customers, then the mobile app comes to the rescue. Mobile application is an easy way to get your users to constantly view your products and services. Many global brands have a mobile application of their stores, thus significantly facilitating customers around the world.

Availability to your users

Our mobile applications are compatible with all operating systems.

  • Owners of iPhone, iPad and iWatch

    Apple's iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system, only used by iPhone, iPad and iWatch owners. According to the target audience and the desire of our client we develop a mobile application for the operating system that will be used. After your approval, we upload the mobile application to the App Store, where anyone can download it.

  • Owners of mobile devices running Android OS

    Android is the most popular operating system and is used by a large number of manufacturers of smartphones and other smart devices. For your users who use mobile devices running Android, we are developing a mobile application according to all standards and requirements for this operating system. After all the tests and assessments, we upload the application to the Google Play Store, where it can be downloaded.

  • Owners of mobile devices running other OS

    Our team develops mobile applications for devices running other operating systems. Depending on your specific goals, the features of your brand and the target audience we determine the operating system for your mobile application. The ready mobile application is available on the online store of the particular operating system.

Developing a mobile application

Give us an idea and we'll do the rest!

Our team is experienced in creating mobile applications from refining the idea to uploading the application to the digital application distribution platform. Together with you, we develop a rigorous schedule and actively participate in all analyzes related to consumer needs, market research, functionalities and overall marketing strategy.

Strategy and consultation

Clarifying the idea is a key moment before starting the actual work on the mobile application. In the beginning we advise and offer the best solutions for the specific business, as well as all the innovations in the field of mobile applications.

Creating a prototype

We always create a prototype of the mobile application, so the client gets an idea of the visual layout and other details. This creates a prerequisite for improving the mobile app quality.

Creating an authentic design

Authentic design and easy-to-use application are essential for the mobile app popularity. Our designers and developers apply the latest mobile app trends and work solely to create a high-quality product that satisfies both you and your customers.

Application development

At every stage of application development, we consult with you, giving you the freedom and ability to change features during mobile app development. The mobile applications we have developed are of high quality, effective and successfully implemented in the application platforms.

Quality check and approval

Preliminary testing of the application results in detection of imperfections and evaluation of user experience. Our company has a team of professional testers working to improve and expand your mobile application.

Maintenance and development

We offer full support and development after launch of the application in the mobile application platform. As a company that is always up to date with the new mobile trends, you can count on us to innovate and optimize your application at any time.


We use different SEO techniques in order to optimize the mobile applications and upload the app position in the store rating. Keywords and phrases are important because they have a descriptive function for the app. This optimization is an important step in the future promotion of the mobile application.

Push Notification or Notification directly in the user's pocket

One of the most effective tools for engaging the attention of mobile app users is sending Push Notifications. These are notifications that automatically appear on the screen of your smart device, even when the user is not actively using the app. Within reason, this gives you a chance to remind yourself of your brand, promote a new product or service, announce promotions and rewards. Creativity in short messages creation is important for the use of your application. Our team thinks not only of your mobile application, but also of how you will reach your future customers. We help you engage the users and win new customers.

Integration with other software product

The mobile application can be integrated with another software product such as a web platform, website or directly into a specific business system. This is an extra that many companies use when they want to reach a large number of users.

  • Integration with web platform or site

    Integration with the mobile application allows you to reach more users, engage their attention, and increase your revenue.

  • Integration with business system

    You can observe, manage and coordinate all processes in your company from a distance, even through your smartphone.

  • Communication with hardware or device

    Connecting your mobile application to a device or other hardware allows you to optimize the entire workflow.

  • user sign up and login from the platform

    We allow your users to sign up to the web platform directly from the mobile application, so you will always be close to the customers.

  • adding news or products to the web platform

    Through the mobile application, you can easily manage your platform by adding news, posting ads or editing your products.

  • make a purchase or reservation

    Users can access the platform or site directly from their smartphone. This gives them the freedom to shop or make reservations easily, quickly and conveniently.

  • integration with a software system in your business

    Integrating the mobile application with your software system allows you to effectively manage your teams, products and systems remotely.

  • adding information to your business system

    The mobile application allows you to set different tasks and operate according to the capabilities of the ERP system.

  • access to reports or other information

    Through the mobile application, you can check all the reports and statements of your business no matter where you are, while at the same time having full control over the work.

  • communication with one or more devices

    You can successfully communicate with one or more devices through the mobile application. Collect, analyze, and transmit data from these devices.

  • transmission of information from and to a device

    To facilitate the flow of business processes in your enterprise, you can receive and transmit specific data to connected devices through the mobile application.

  • remote control of devices

    The devices integrated with each other can be controlled remotely via a mobile application directly from your smartphone.

Convenient administration panel for your application

Easily manage and maintain your mobile application by yourself.

The administrative panel is one of the most important parts in the development of all software or web products including mobile applications. We at Daniel Standard offer our customers a content management system. It is developed for each client and project individually and is our own product. You have a profile from which you manage your control panel, allowing you to modify all information on the mobile application, add or delete items, and make content adjustments. Every single change through the admin panel instantly changes the relevant information in the public part of the mobile application, so working with it is very responsible.

Creating a website for your mobile application contributes to its promotion and advertising. We at Daniel Standard provide for all our customers a domain and website to the mobile application developed by us. Your users will be able to download the application directly from the website. By providing it to a large number of users, you increase both your image and the popularity of your mobile application.

Marketing strategy and customer engagement

At Daniel Standard, we approach each client individually, creating a specific product with a distinctive style, comfortable and responsive design and easy-to-use administrative panel. Our team works on the overall vision of your mobile application by creating a plan and strategy to attract more users. We have marketing specialists who, through useful tips and optimal solutions, develop and refine your idea. We have the necessary resources and use all possible channels to promote the mobile application.