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Strategy and consultation

Created especially for you

Right strategy is the most important step in realizing an excellent software or web product that has all the qualities to grow your company. Getting acquainted with the company's activities, researching users and market, and creating a structure are all part of the strategy that we at Daniel Standard implement to best serve your customers and users.

Understanding the business

Each company has its own specific needs and necessities in relation to its business. Before we begin creating an online product, we at Daniel Standard get thoroughly acquainted with the company's activities. We study in detail the range of products and services offered, as well as the overall brand that the company has built to date.

Users, customers and market research

Rapidly evolving technological environment enables every company to show its products and services to users and customers all over the world. To meet the demand, our team of specialists researches and analyzes the target group according to its characteristics, while studying the needs of end users and assessing the current market environment. This is how we understand what vision, functionality, and navigation are necessary in order to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Creating a structure of content and information

Properly structured software or web product enables visitors to find the content they are looking for more easily. The visual structure is represented by the website navigation or so-called menu. We at Daniel Standard approach each web product individually and take full account of each company characteristics. The result is intuitive navigation that guarantees successful user experience while being effective for your business.

Business highlights

The emphasis is on everything that is beneficial to the user, thus we are sure that the customers see what interests them. By emphasizing the important aspects of your company, you will show prospective clients that you are interesting and different from the competition. What your strategy will be and what the company will focus on - we at Daniel Standard will give our competent opinion to these questions, because we know they are important both for you and your business.


The first words that represent what you offer are key to trigger the interest of your potential customers. The message should clearly show the results that your product or service provide and what sets you apart from the market competitors. We at Standard Daniel will suggest you eye-catching messages that you can use both to advertise your products and to impose your name on the market.

Preparing the project strategy

One of the main factors in designing a web product is its pre-planning - it is important to specify its subject, activity and target group. The owner should have a clear idea of ​​what he or she would like to achieve with the final web product. Our team is prepared and gives a competent opinion in every stage of the project strategy preparation, aiming to create a successful business project for you that would work efficiently and satisfy the demand of your customers.