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Suitable for your business

Enter the future of software technology and manage the entire business process with your own system.

The business process management system is suitable for any type of business as it provides resource planning and management of all ongoing processes in one enterprise. Designed specifically for your needs, your system ensures seamless planning, forecasting and control of order execution.

What is a business process management system?

Business overview of the entire company.

The business process management system (or ERP system) optimizes and manages all processes running in an enterprise. It supports the entire life cycle of the company, thereby controlling both quality and quantity, as well as revenue and cost. All work related to customers and employees is clearly and accurately structured, which eliminates unnecessary activities and achieves efficiency at all levels of work.

Take care of yourself

Your business needs its own system.

The business management system is designed primarily to facilitate the work of an enterprise. When you easily manage all the processes in the company, you have time to concentrate on finance analysis and future investment planning, thus increasing the company efficiency and hence its competitiveness. By investing in your own system, you are investing in yourself.
The management system that we develop is easy and fast to work with, so you have control over time, quality, employees, customers, and look at the entire company development. Taking advantage of our own business management system, your company will focus more on development and expansion, thus enhancing your competitiveness in order to easily achieve the desired results.

Main goals of your own business process management system

The business process management system covers the analysis, planning, implementation and control of all units in the enterprise. The main goals of the system are increasing the company efficiency, reducing costs and more successful management. We at Daniel Standard know that business processes are important to you and the way you visualize and manage them in practice determines the success of your company.

Achieving operational efficiency

The management system makes it possible to take appropriate actions that will lead to a positive result, and hence to increase the efficiency of the whole company.

Business and profit growth

Having your own business process management system helps to increase productivity and makes it possible to execute more orders with the same number of employees, which in turn increases the company efficiency and revenues.

Opportunity for long-term planning

Providing a real-time global view enables the company to actively deal with issues and drive improvements. Implementing a management system gives you the freedom to plan strategically.


Cost reduction

The management system saves money and time by automating various business processes. And when you have a complete look at the different departments of the company, you can control costs and increase revenue.

Increasing competitiveness

The system provides a prerequisite for stimulating innovation in the enterprise, which in turn increases the company's competitiveness. Business processes are optimized, running time is reduced and productivity is increased.

Communication and reporting efficiency with clients

When the company has an integrated process management system, this also affects customer service - it is done faster and more efficiently. Business communication is improved and customers remain satisfied.

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Let us improve your business

Leave the operational activities to us.

By using a unified business process management system, all business information is stored in a structured manner without losing any aspect of what is happening in your business. Leave the operational activities to us! Automated business processes allow you to analyze information about the management benefits and improve the performance of your employees.


Control and monitoring of machines

Complete inspection and evaluation of facilities.

In the age of the industrial internet, the use of smart technologies gives manufacturers one step ahead of the competition. At Daniel Standard, we develop business process management systems that provide complete control of the entire business, including control and monitoring of machines in the enterprise. The main benefits include improved production efficiency, reduced production waste, increased profits, signals and notifications from the machines themselves, improved operator engagement, automatic data collection, and a comprehensive production workshop analysis. Real-time machine monitoring and a steady data stream allow you to optimize workflows and increase quality, hence the efficiency of the whole company.

It can be applied in all areas of ​​your business

Your company is growing, it's time to consider your own business process management system.

Today, business process management systems are widely used in manufacturing, trading and distribution companies, banks, financial organizations, telecommunications and many other economic sectors. Combining all IT components, resource management, sales, supply, marketing campaigns, finance, accounting, as well as human resources, the management system inevitably creates conditions for rapid growth and increase of the company's value.

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    Through a process management system, you manage, control and synchronize sales across all your company offices and facilities.

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    Production planning is one of the most important functions in a production environment. The integrated control system provides greater control and continuous visibility over production.

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    Customer Service

    You want to improve customer service - the business management system not only improves it, but also creates the prerequisites for increasing your customers.

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    Finance and Accounting

    The management system provides full visibility in real time of all financial results, thus controlling the finances, which improves the efficiency.

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    Service and Support

    It covers a wide range of service activities that can be monitored and analyzed in real time, thus improving service and hence employee engagement.

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    Warehouse and Logistics

    Optimizing warehouse operations, increasing flexibility and visibility in the warehouse, as well as delivering products at optimal costs are just a few of the benefits of a business management system.

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    The management system in a distribution company allows complete control over orders, deliveries, scheduling and quantity allocation, automated invoicing and pricing options.

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    Construction and Engineering

    The system enables management of large-scale and complex projects, covering all technological processes such as times, costs, budgets, materials, resources and outcomes.

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    Advertising and PR

    The business process management system is widely used in advertising and PR agencies because it offers full control over resources and close communication with suppliers and subcontractors.

ERP system application in small and medium enterprises

Make the best business decisions with the systems developed by Daniel Standard.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that implement business management systems. The more optimized the processes, the more efficiency is increased, the number of customers is growing and hence the company revenues. Depending on the enterprise activities, we at Daniel Standard develop business systems with functionalities that aim to improve the company needs.

ERP systems worldwide

Each company that has implemented a business process management system has increased its revenue.

Ever since the term ERP was introduced in 1990, business management systems have continued to evolve. Every small, medium or large enterprise that contains multiple business processes that many employees or customers have access to implements an ERP business management system. In this way, the processes in the enterprise are automated and allow managers to control easily what is happening in the company, employees have clear responsibilities and spend time more efficiently, and clients receive better and faster service. We at Daniel Standard guarantee you that your investment in a business management software system is well worth it, as this will not only grow your business but will also make it more sustainable and competitive in the dynamic economic environment.