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GDPR in your web or software product

The main objective of implementing the Regulation is to protect the personal data of European citizens. All companies that own a website, e-shop, web platform or any software product through which individual personal data is collected, processed or stored in any way are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. Daniel Standard employs a team of lawyers, IT specialists and GDPR consultants to ensure that your software product meets all requirements for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Website, online store or web product

At Daniel Standard, we help you expand your presence on the Internet. Our team develops high quality web products according to the wishes and type of your business.

Business process management system

The system itself contains all the data of the entire company - personal data of employees, clients and partners who are individuals.

Mobile application

Users who use the mobile application provide their names, emails and other data when sign-in.

Individual software product

According to the individual product type, the collected data is mainly from the contact form - name, address, email, phone, etc.

Covering the entire organization of work with individuals

At Daniel Standard, we prepare and schedule specifically for you all procedures, documents, registers and give you simple instructions for introducing the GDPR in your company. For each organization we prepare the documents according to the company activities, we also take care of all the documentation related to the storage and transmission of personal data to third parties. Special contracts guarantee the privacy of individuals' personal data when it is transmitted to accounting firms, marketing agencies and others. Our lawyers develop for you individual internal rules and recommendations, as well as instructions for the GDPR implementation.


Who is affected by

the General Data Protection Regulation?

All companies that for some reason collect, process, store or distribute personal data of individuals are affected by the GDPR.

One or more employees and/or workers are assigned.

Gathers sensitive personal information about gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, union affiliation, medical information

Collects personal data of individuals, including such containing in contracts, accounting documents, marketing researches, surveys or other activities

Performs some form of video surveillance of individuals

Performs access control by means of establishing identity

Protecting the individuals you work with

Whether your business is developing on the Internet or not, you are required to protect the data of the individuals you work with. You need to inform all your customers, users or employees about the purpose and the type of personal data you collect and process in your company. All the software products we develop at Daniel Standard meet the basic principles of personal data processing, namely legality, integrity and transparency.