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Developing a Complete Software Solution

tailored to the needs of your company

Strategy and consultation

The right strategy is the most important step in realizing an excellent software or web product that has all the qualities to grow your company. Getting acquainted with the company's activities, consumer research, exploring the market and building a structure are all part of the strategy that we at Daniel Standard implement to satisfy our customers and clients to the best of our ability.


Prototype building

The prototype is the main visual tool that helps to coordinate and organize our team, so the developers have a clear idea of ​​the elements they will produce. Its main purpose is to show the client how the site will be structured before developers get started. Our team creates a prototype of each page in the web product to be developed. Once approved by the owner, developers begin its construction.

Authentic design

Authentic design is always up-to-date and adaptable, this is because it does not use patterns and each detail is made by the designer. Our team approaches each product individually by designing it to embody the essence and character of your brand, whether you are selling a product or offering a service. The unique design makes your product different from the web crowd and helps it rank higher in the search engines.

Software product development

Before we begin the actual development, our team together with the client specify the overall concept and structure of all functionalities and the development distribution over time. After each stage is completed, we consult your opinion, thus eliminating mistakes, omissions and delays as we go along. We try to explain in detail every step we take to keep the client calm and sure of the result they will receive.

Quality check and approval

The stage in which all the details are finalized and the functionality of the developed service is checked is called testing. Here all the links and connections are tested, browsing through different browsers, testing the administrative panel, user registration and passwords. At Daniel Standard, we have professional testers who check every detail of the web product created and give their approval for its final release on the web.

Implementation and training

Implementation is a complex process in which we actively cooperate with our client. In the development process, our team learns your specific working methods and adjusts the software to best fit your business and activities. We help your staff to become familiar with all the details of working with the software and to handle competently the embedded functions

Support and development

Technical support is an important factor for any company structure as it aims to ensure a continuous workflow. We at Daniel Standard offer comprehensive technical support, effective control and monitoring of the software product. Our experts are certified professionals who strive to quickly identify and resolve any technical problem within the shortest possible time. Proper support is the key to developing a successful and visited web product