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Web Platform

Unlimited possibilities for realization of your ideas

Web-based platform enables you to unleash the potential of your business. It incorporates space for publishing, reading and response to various ads or other materials. The platforms we have created are flexible, intuitive and user-friendly, made with the latest technological and marketing requirements, thus creating a prerequisite for high traffic from potential customers.


Let's give a flying start to your web platform

A personalized web platform enhances the potential of your business.

Sales platform

Web-based sales platforms are specialized systems that incorporate a wide range of functionalities and solutions designed to meet consumer needs. We develop innovative, easy-to-use and forward-looking platforms that expand your business.

Real Estate Platform

At Daniel Standard, we develop real estate platforms for smaller agencies as well as companies that offer properties not only in the country but also abroad. We include a variety of modules such as admin panel, detailed descriptions, photos, maps, unlimited number of categories and many more, according to the client's idea.

Training Platform

Training platforms enable the education management at all levels, it helps you quickly and permanently absorb useful information. If you want to train a lot of people at once, we will develop for you a training platform with all the specific features according to your wishes.

Sharing Platform

Sharing platforms bring together searching and offering users in one place. At Daniel Standard, we create platforms for sharing any information. We are working with you to build a successful and active community. These types of platforms are widespread and their number is constantly growing.

Web Portal

Development of web portal differs in that it is aimed at a large flow of visitors. Its ability to store unlimited amount of information including multimedia makes it attractive for different content types.

Your Web Platform

By developing a custom web platform, you maximize the potential of your business. We are at your disposal for any ideas and concepts about your company’s web platform. The possibilities are unlimited.

We combine beauty and utility in impressive design

Enchant your customers with a unique design and user-friendly interface.

Daniel Standard employs a team of designers who use their creativity and high technology skills to create impressive and unique designs for you. This creates a digital identity of the web platform that sets you apart from everyone else. The user-friendly interface allows your customers to easily and quickly navigate the platform, thus creating a unique user experience that helps build a successful company image. Responsive design helps your users browse the web platform on all types of mobile devices and take full advantage of the platform's functionality.

Customer survey and analysis

We have an individual approach to each of our clients. We study your needs and goals while striving to fully understand your business features and bring to the fore all the hallmarks that meet the highest customer requirements. In order to build a successful web platform that attracts customers, we are exploring in detail both the target group and the market niche and competition. We study the motivation and needs of potential clients and future partners of your project. Our team develops a strategy that focuses on key actions that satisfy the target group.

Key functionalities in the web platform

User-specific features.

The web platforms that Daniel Standard develops are completely unique, developed from scratch with custom design and code to suit your business needs. We incorporate specific key features into each web platform that will distinguish your platform from the rest of the market. In this way, we increase your company productivity and image. According to its type, the web platform developed can contain various functionalities such as entering information, publishing photo material, maintaining a product catalog, video materials, language versions, a request form and anything that will contribute to the satisfaction of your customers and partners.

Customized solution for support and development of your customers

In order to maintain a web platform, it needs functionalities that will make your customers feel secure and well informed. We at Daniel Standard develop all communication channels, so that your customers feel comfortable and satisfied with you.

Smart communication via live chat

The best practice for providing first-class live communication is through online chat. In this way, your customers can get the information that interests them with one click and without much effort. Communication and customer relations are key to the success of your business.

Answering questions through a ticket system

One of the helpful customer service practices is a ticket system for answering questions. Receiving a ticket number, all correspondence is kept under the appropriate number, thus an action plan is prepared and the customers receive a prompt and timely answer to their questions.

Giving advice and recommendations

The key part of a web platform is customer communication, so quick and timely response is the key to creating trust in your company. Sending letters builds long-term relationships and leaves the customers with a sense of satisfaction.

Convenient and easy admin panel to control the entire platform

We create a special admin panel, entirely consistent with the web platform content. Thus, you have full freedom to update the information on the platform at any time, without special technical skills. The admin panel lets you modify section content, manage user relations, edit product and service categories, and build different levels of access for individual employees. The panel is designed to be controlled by different mobile devices, no matter where you are.

Successful development

In order to promote and improve a business, it is necessary to develop an effective marketing strategy. Daniel Standard has a team of professionals who apply all the skills and techniques to promote your web platform in the best possible way. We use statistical surveys to create a guideline for increasing the position of the web platform in the page ranking system. The potential of online marketing to improve your business is great. Our team is leading a strategic marketing campaign that helps you go ahead of the competition and establish yourself as a market leader.

Creating the web platform

At Daniel Standard we create unique, high-quality and effective web platforms working entirely for your business success.

Creating a successful web platform combines good strategy, detailed research, beautiful design, development to the latest work standards, and most importantly, proper management and marketing. Only thus an online product can become successful and work efficiently and completely for the business benefit.

  • Strategy and consultation
  • Prototype building
  • Authentic design
  • Development
  • Quality check
  • Support and development
  • SEO
  • Right strategy is the most important step in realizing an excellent software or web product that possesses all the qualities to grow your business and attract new users and customers. Getting acquainted with the company's activities, researching consumers, customers and markets, building a structure are just a part of the strategy that we at Daniel Standard so we could best serve your users and customers. More...
  • The prototype is the main visual tool that helps to coordinate and organize our team, so the developers have a clear idea of ​​the elements they will produce. Its main purpose is to show the client how the site will be structured before developers get started. Our team creates a prototype of each page in the web product to be developed. Once approved by the owner, developers begin its construction.
  • Creating an authentic design is about creating a web product identity. Daniel Standard's designers approach each client individually, creating a design to embody the essence and character of your brand, whether you are selling a product or offering a service. Authentic design is always up-to-date and adaptable because it does not use templates - each detail is made by the designer and the result is a modern web product with perfect visualization and excellent functionality.
  • The project development is a two-way process and depends to a large extent on the good communication between developer and client. Before we begin the actual development, our team together with the client clarify the overall concept and structure of all functionalities. We explain in detail every step we take to keep the client calm and confident in the result to be obtained. Upon completion of each stage of development, we inform the client with about the achieved results, thereby eliminating errors, omissions and forgets in the course of work.
  • The stage in which all the details are finalized and the functionality is checked is called testing. At Daniel Standard, we have professional testers who check every detail of the web product created and give approval for its final release on the web. They test all links, browsing through different browsers, the admin panel, user sign-in and password. Testers check thoroughly the entire web product, including the validity of the code written.
  • Technical support is needed for both you and your web product. It is an important factor in any company structure as it aims to ensure a continuous workflow. Our experts are certified professionals who strive to quickly identify and resolve any technical problem within the shortest possible time. We offer effective control and monitoring, ensuring the proper functioning of your web product. Proper support is the key to developing a successful and visited web product.
  • SEO means a certain website to be found easier and to achieve a higher position in the search engines through application of different techniques. Search engine indexing and web product higher ranking is determined by various factors. This is where our specialists work together with the client to select the right keywords, descriptions, and titles in order to achieve successful optimization and high performance for your web product.